The unknown place for cherry blossoms in northeast Tokyo


Cherry blossom. Sakura.

It is a flower that colors spring in Japan.

Places where cherry blossoms are in bloom are very crowded every spring.

I would like you to enjoy the beauty of cherry blossoms in the tranquility.

Today, I guide you to my favorite place for viewing cherry blossoms in Tokyo, which even Japanese do not know.

Sanya-bori Park


Sanyabori (山谷堀) Park is located in northeast Asakusa, downtown in Tokyo.

“堀" means waterway. There used to be a waterway connecting river to river.

Currently, it has been reclaimed and serviced as a park.

When spring comes, cherry blossoms in the park are blooming all together.

And then as you know they will disappear approximately only one week.

If cherry blossoms bloomed during your stay, you would be very lucky.


Access for Sanyabori Park

Sanyabori Park is northeast Asakusa. About 15 minutes on foot from Sensouji.

1-4-9 Higashiasakusa7, Taito-ward, Tokyo


It is near the Sumida River.

The Sumida River is also a good spot for seeing cherry blossoms, and both are good view-points of Tokyo Skytree.

This park is lighted up at night during a season of Sakura.


You can see shining Tokyo Skytree through the night cherry blossoms.